The Historical Novel Society's Conference Starts this Friday in St. Petersburg. You can follow the conference on twitter, #HNS2013. 

It's a packed weekend of activity. If you are a fan of historicals, check out the works by authors that will be present; there is a blogroll of interviews listed here, and my blog on the conference is here.



Saw a great short doc last night by Pascal Depuhl,  a professional photographer who is adding video to his skillset. His first doc is On Wings of Hope, which tells the story of the people of Pactec, a humanitarian organization that provides "plane taxis" to people from aide organizations working in Afghanistan.


Big news about my documentary, Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs.


Alison McMahan and Guillermo ArriagaAlison McMahan and Guillermo Arriaga

Remember that call I recieved from a producer interested in optioning Girl in Trunk?

That option came really close to happening, but then didn't.