Saw a great short doc last night by Pascal Depuhl,  a professional photographer who is adding video to his skillset. His first doc is On Wings of Hope, which tells the story of the people of Pactec, a humanitarian organization that provides "plane taxis" to people from aide organizations working in Afghanistan.


Big news about my documentary, Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs.


Alison McMahan and Guillermo ArriagaAlison McMahan and Guillermo Arriaga

Remember that call I recieved from a producer interested in optioning Girl in Trunk?

That option came really close to happening, but then didn't.

Destroying Angel  received two nominations from the Action on Film Festival, in the 2012 Written Word category. The first nomination is the Canole award, named after screenwriter and artist Christopher Canole. The second is Most Likely to Be Produced.

Miv EvansMiv Evans


It's one of those moment every screenwriter waits for: my phone rang. A number from the 310 area code. A producer who had read one of our scripts, Girl in Trunk, and wanted to talk about an option.