John Leary, Alison McMahan, and OscarJohn Leary, Alison McMahan, and Oscar


Heaven Sent, by John Leary and Alison McMahan, is a top ten screenplay finalist at the Jacksonville Film Fest. This means we will be pitching to a panel of producers and agents at the festival.

The pitching event is open to the public, who get to vote for an audience award for best pitch:

The 2010 GIAA (Guild of Italian American Actors)  Festival of Short Films and Videos takes place this weekend, October 1 - 3, 2010, at Anthology Film Archives on Second Avenue and Second Street in New York City.

In addition to movies there are awards for short and feature length screenplays. A nominee to watch is Unplugging Aunt Vera, by Angela Page Conti. Go Angela!


He used to be a mechanic working out of his own garage in Indianapolis, driving a limo on the side to feed his family. Now he's the fastest man in the world - the designer and test driver of the Maxximus G-force, a street-legal car that just broke not one but six world records: 0-60 mph (2 seconds); 0-100 mph (4.451 seconds), the 0-100-0 mph mark of 8.861 seconds, the 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds and 157 mph; and the 0-150mph in 9.3 seconds.

How did a wrestler-turned-car-mechanic from Indianapolis get to be the fastest man in the world?

Florida OKs tax breaks for film, TV

Governor creates $242 million transferable credit

As my regular readers know, I'm working on a science fiction screenplay, ad adaption of Rub-a-Dub (working title) is a feature film adaptation of the short story “Rub-a-Dub” by Daniel Galouye, whose novel Simulacron-3 became the film The 13th Floor (1999). Homunculus Productions, LLC, has a four year option on “Rub-a-Dub” and I'm writing the screenplay. Read more about the screenplay here.

I'm always fascinated by how other filmmakers raise money. This film is particularly intriguing because it looks like steampunk. But can anyone really tell what the story is about?