One of the challenges of a "director bait" script like Imprinted is that it is hard to visualize some of the more horrific elements. Luckily for me, actor/writer/storyboard artist James Poirier came to my rescue.

Marlon Kirby and the Maxximus G-ForceMarlon Kirby and the Maxximus G-Force


John Leary, Alison McMahan, and OscarJohn Leary, Alison McMahan, and Oscar


Heaven Sent, by John Leary and Alison McMahan, is a top ten screenplay finalist at the Jacksonville Film Fest. This means we will be pitching to a panel of producers and agents at the festival.

The pitching event is open to the public, who get to vote for an audience award for best pitch:

The 2010 GIAA (Guild of Italian American Actors)  Festival of Short Films and Videos takes place this weekend, October 1 - 3, 2010, at Anthology Film Archives on Second Avenue and Second Street in New York City.

In addition to movies there are awards for short and feature length screenplays. A nominee to watch is Unplugging Aunt Vera, by Angela Page Conti. Go Angela!


He used to be a mechanic working out of his own garage in Indianapolis, driving a limo on the side to feed his family. Now he's the fastest man in the world - the designer and test driver of the Maxximus G-force, a street-legal car that just broke not one but six world records: 0-60 mph (2 seconds); 0-100 mph (4.451 seconds), the 0-100-0 mph mark of 8.861 seconds, the 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds and 157 mph; and the 0-150mph in 9.3 seconds.

How did a wrestler-turned-car-mechanic from Indianapolis get to be the fastest man in the world?