The Continuing Adventures of Jessica Burstein and her short film comedy


Paranormal Activity: a "found footage" feature

that plays on our basic anxieties about relationships



Or, the Indie world of Short Films

As I mentioned in my blog entry on the Indepdendent Film Week, one piece of advice given to indie filmmakersis to make your films short, shoot and distribute them digitally, and build up your audiences through data-mining.

Jessica Burstein is doing just that with her short, Abbie Cancelled.

Why do we tell the stories we tell?

When I was at the IFP Conference a few days ago I met another filmmaker, Betty M. Park. Betty was on vacation in Boliva over three years ago when she discovered the world of women's wrestling, Bolivian style. This inspired her to make Mamachas del Ring, the story of Carmen Rosa and the other women on her wrestling team, indigienous women who take their petticoats and bowler hat into the ring.

Independent Film Week 2009: How Depressing Does It Get?

Homunculus Productions recently moved its base from New York to the Fort Lauderdale Area, but I still go up to NY regularly to check out what’s going on in the indie film scene, run the Show and Grow Program for New York Women in Film,  and keep up with my filmmaking friends.