Fantastic Experience Pitching GIRL IN TRUNK at the IFP Script-to-Screen Conference

Yesterday my writing partner, John Leary, pitched our script GIRL IN TRUNK to an eager panel of producers at the IFP Script-to-Screen Pitch Panel. It was a fantastic experience, not least because the auditorium was packed -- who knew that filmmakers could get up at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday?


The pitching panel consisted of  a great line up of dealmakers: Susan Wrubel, Salt.; Aida LiPera, Visit Films; Peter Phok, Glass Eye Pix; and Peter Van Steemburg, Magnolia Pictures. More info on the event and panelists’ bios are here .


John had one of those great pitching experiences. He reached the moment where Brianna (The Girl in the Trunk) manages to escape from the trunk of the car before it is reduced to a metal cube in a junkyard crusher in exactly the three minutes allotted to him. The moderator insisted that he finish telling the story even though his time was up. This is John's second experience with pitching (our first, if you remember, was at the fabulous Jacksonville Film Festival last October) so hard work and practice definitely pay off.

Our pitch for Girl in Trunk was one of five chosen from nearly a hundred loglines sent to the IFP.

Girl in Trunk is circulating to producers. The lead female role is ideal for a TV actress who wants to make the move into features, and the contained setting is ideal for a lo-lo budget thriller.

The IFP streamed the pitch session but did not notify us ahead of time, unfortunately. We hope that they will release the pitches and the other great panels (which include keynotes from Barry Levinson and Mark Heyman) from the Script-to-Screen conference as podcasts or video clips on their website.


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