Good News for Films Shooting in Florida

Florida OKs tax breaks for film, TV

Governor creates $242 million transferable credit

As my regular readers know, I'm working on a science fiction screenplay, ad adaption of Rub-a-Dub (working title) is a feature film adaptation of the short story “Rub-a-Dub” by Daniel Galouye, whose novel Simulacron-3 became the film The 13th Floor (1999). Homunculus Productions, LLC, has a four year option on “Rub-a-Dub” and I'm writing the screenplay. Read more about the screenplay here.

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The estimated budget for the film, should Homunculus produce it, is in the $5 million range. I had given up on the idea of producing it myself due to the economy being in the doldrums, but this new move by the Florida Governer there is some hope.

A curious part of the measure is the 5% bonus for "Family Friendly" films. I heard some talk about this at the Miami Film Festival; it seems that originally all the films were supposed to be family friendly, that is, G-rating, and specifically no sex and no allusion whatsoever to homosexuality. I'm glad to see they didn't go that way as it would have made the measure virtually useless.

Read all about it here.