Homunculus Prods. in production on Gluteus Maxximus, a short documentary

He used to be a mechanic working out of his own garage in Indianapolis, driving a limo on the side to feed his family. Now he's the fastest man in the world - the designer and test driver of the Maxximus G-force, a street-legal car that just broke not one but six world records: 0-60 mph (2 seconds); 0-100 mph (4.451 seconds), the 0-100-0 mph mark of 8.861 seconds, the 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds and 157 mph; and the 0-150mph in 9.3 seconds.

How did a wrestler-turned-car-mechanic from Indianapolis get to be the fastest man in the world?

This short documentary is the story of the dream, the car, the challenges and setbacks, (the title comes from a line in an article written about Marlon and the car), the record breaking runs, and the relationship between these two dreamers, mesmerized by their love of cars that go voom, vroom, vrrooooooooooom.

To see clips from the work in progress, go here.

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