Vote for my Movie Pitch in the Amex Pitch Your Movie Contest!


American Express and Tribeca Film have organized a "MY MOVIE PITCH" contest. For the last month filmmakers with great ideas have been pitching them to their video cameras and posting them online here. Vote for my pitch!

I found out about the contest when I was walking in the East Village and went past a theatre where screenings for the Tribeca film festival was taking place. A film crew composed of handsome young men accosted me and insisted that I pitch a movie for their camera, right then and there.

The Pitch Your Movie Film CrewThe Pitch Your Movie Film Crew

Like most screenwriters I have a handful of pitches in the back pocket of my mind, so I pulled one out and made the pitch. The big prize is that a Tribeca film director will direct a portion of your film, which then becomes a fundraising segment or calling card for getting the rest of the film made. There are other prizes as well. Mostly it's just good fun. It will be more fun for me if you vote for me!

To vote, click on this link:

Once there you will see a button that says "vote now"
click on that button
a window will come up that says "search" upper right above all the windows of the 700 pitches that are up
put in "bathtub gin"
you will see a window appear with just one square, with me in it. Click on that, so that the movie plays. Next to the movie that is playing there is a symbol for thumbs up, and another for thumbs down. Click on thumbs up. Now you've voted!

Once you've voted for me, have fun looking at other people's pitches! You can vote for as many as you like.